Replacing throttle shaft bush.

This information is free for you to use, any repairs are solely the responsibility of the repairer.

This page shows how to carry out a replacement of the throttle shaft bush on a Bosch VE pump. This procedure can also be used when replacing the governor cover seal and throttle shaft 'O' ring. There are many more information sheets available and a list can be found on the DIY Work sheets page.

Before you begin, the fuel pump should be drained of any fuel If you are attempting to carry this repair out in situ, place a plastic bag underneath the pump to catch fuel as it escapes when lifting off the top cover. Also if the starter or alternator are in close proximity it would be prudent to cover these. 

NOTE: If you have purchased a new throttle shaft this will not have a scribe line on the top as shown in the picture below. Follow the instructions and once the old shaft is removed copy and replicate a scribe line in the same position onto your new shaft.


If the reference marks are difficult to see make your own. Remove 10mm nut, washer, lever, spring and plastic retainers.

After taking this measurement, remove the fuel screw.

The governor cover is now ready to take off. Remove the four retaining screws. Gently push the shaft through the housing using your thumb, at the same time raise the governor cover away from the main pump body.

Using a mandrel or suitable punch, press out the old bush.

Press in the new bush, ensure the bush goes in straight. A small amount of nut lock can be applied to the bush prior to insertion.

Apply a light amount of grease to the throttle shaft and seal, replace the governor cover gasket. Push the shaft through the new bush. Realign the governor cover and install the four securing screws.

If the throttle assembly becomes detached from the throttle arm. Follow the instructions shown here and in the following picture.

Ensure the throttle assembly hooks into the governor arm.

Shaft must pass fully through the bush. Refit four securing screws.

Reinstall the maximum fuel screw and set to the measurement taken during disassembly.

Install lower plastic retainer,correctly position the throttle return spring. Refit the upper plastic retainer.

Refit the throttle lever. Refit spring washer and 10mm nut

Re-attach the return spring to the throttle lever.

Job Done !

Dimensions of Mandrel.

Nick Crowhurst 29.08.2018 09:22

On my 1990 TDI Discovery there was a hard steel anti-tamper sleeve on the "maximum fuel adjustment screw". I removed this with a grind stone in a Dremel.

Ads 19.04.2018 08:56

Should read stud lol
Bloody predictive text

john 19.04.2018 08:36

What to do if you have a really tight allen head bolt?

john 19.04.2018 09:47

Thanks will try that,thought that might be the answer ,but thought I would check....Cheers John

Ads 19.04.2018 08:55

If release oil WD40 doesn't work. I am afraid a little force may be required,
Try using a light hammer and punch directly to the head of the students.

Ads 31.03.2018 08:36

New into old tolerances etc
If the vehicle performs OK then simply reset the idle speed.
If the vehicle is lacking power turn in the fuel screw 1/8th of turn.

Ash P 30.03.2018 18:31

Just done mine with some success.However-I didn’t touch a single screw & put the throttle plate back in the exact same position but idle has dropped by 200rpm?

Marco Leunk 25.10.2017 20:19

It's running without any spills off diesel fuel 👍
Thanks for the input.
Greetings , Marco

ADS 22.10.2017 14:20

Screw max fuel screw all the way in to the spacer sleeve. Then back off half a turn.
Then operate the throttle spindle as mentioned in previous massage.

Marco 22.10.2017 16:41

Thanks, I will try that.

ADS 22.10.2017 11:15

Start engine use fingers to operate spindle. Once started bring speed down to idle.
Now stop engine and fit lever in idle position.

Marco 22.10.2017 14:08

Thanks for your reply, do you mean the max fuel adjust screw?
Should I start with max in or max out while try starting?

Marco 22.10.2017 10:25

Hi there, me has overcome the same thing as Dave.
With reinstalling the cover I needed to take out the throttle shaft lever and me allso did not take any messur

Marco 22.10.2017 10:49

Please help

Ads 20.05.2017 18:27

Dave send me an email

dave 22.05.2017 06:27

Hi thanks for you reply, you asked me to send you a email , thanks

dave 20.05.2017 16:19

Great instructions but unfortunately only found after removal of the throttle shaft lever and not taking note

what do I do now ? Are they all set the same

Gareth Wilson 16.01.2019 09:40

please help, i have the same problem as Dave

Dave Nic 15.02.2017 21:28

Thanks very much for the great instructions, all replaced in situ and back running without spewing diesel everywhere.
Thanks again.

Kevin 23.01.2016 19:27

Brill. Never done anything like this. Was really easy. And the truck is still running. Was made easy with this advice Thankyou

allmakes diesel specialist 01.11.2015 09:15

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Al 01.11.2015 06:10

I'm planning to replace the bush. Where is the throttle shaft seal? Don't see one in the diagrams.

Al 01.11.2015 13:30

Ok found it. The shaft seal surface was grooved out so an earlier repair added two O ring grooves.

Pete 10.08.2015 17:42

Followed the instructions after purchasing a repair kit. Replaced the shaft bush and seal with the pump in situ.It was a lot easier than I expected. Thank you

Bob Rooker 09.08.2015 00:24

Loved the good information. Wish there were more about replacing all the seals!

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