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Written by Jeff Benton on 27. Aug, 2013

Thank You very much John. You have gone out of your way too help me and I appreciate your efforts very much. I once had this pump professionally rebuilt at a cost of $1165.00 for the same problem. There are two small bolts in the topside of the cam-case one of mine is missing which is where the water came from. the re-builder missed it and I wrongly assumed it too be a blind hole. Thanks to You I can repair it myself this time with major savings.

Written by Eivind Nordskog on 29. Mar, 2013

Hello John ,
Thank you very mutch , we moove the pump a little and now the engine is like new , start is easy and enginesound is very good ,,
thank you ,,

Written by Allmakes Diesel Specialist on 27. Mar, 2013

Hello Eivind,
This appears to be running with retarded injection timing, look at the label on the side of the injection pump. This will have an arrow displaying direction of rotation.
Release the three mounting securing nuts and rotate the pump against the direction of the arrow, move about 10mm and see if this helps.


Written by Eivind Nordskog on 27. Mar, 2013

My Bmc 2,52 has a new top with new nozles now , the glowplugs was new last year ,
now its hard to start and first white smoke then moore gray/black smoke when engine warm ,
and there is diesel out of exaust , the man who help me say he (cut off ) diesel for nb 2 piston and after 20 sec there is no diesel on the water and no smoke , all looks ok ,
we have also change the nozle (but no change in the diesel and smoke) ,
Is there a problem with the diesel return from nb 2 piston ,,? ?
Thank you for answer ,,

Written by carl read on 3. Mar, 2013

What a fantastic website! Very helpful useful advice for people running diesel cars on a budget! My C250 should be ok thanks to the injector seal repair kit available through John on this site. Good old fashioned service and very pleasant to deal with! Highly recomended. Carl in Leyland lancashire

Written by Ken Johnson on 14. Jan, 2013

Parts ordered 11.30 pm Saturday arrived by post on Monday. Now that is what I call good service!

Written by Simon Burnett on 9. Dec, 2012

Just thought I would relay my thanks for your assistance. Thanks to your nozzle replacement information sheets, I found it was a doddle to do. I kept all the parts clean as you instructed and now my old peugeot pickup sounds like new!
Should be good for another 10 years. Lol
Cheers Si

Written by John Wathen on 19. Oct, 2012

Hi John.
Many thanks for your prompt and courteous attention. Parts arrived promptly in Australia and repairs carried out successfully. Hopefully will keep the old MF35 in action for another 50 years.
Again thank you and am quite happy to recommend you and your service.

Written by Mats Nilson on 18. Oct, 2012

Hi John!

The screw arrived promptly, and today I fitted it and started airing the fuel system. I'm not at all experienced in engine maintenance, and I haven't exactly been doing this under ideal conditions. Outdoors, with little flakes of red paint constantly peeling off the injection pump, but I've done my best to keep the dirt out and to be very meticulous about every step in the process. (Losing the bleed screw..well, that was a real low..) As I had guessed, it was the o-ring on the distributor head that was causing the leak, the sealing of which was the whole point of this exercise. It also meant that, as long as I put everything back the way it came apart, without turning anything, the timing would probably be right afterwards. And, lo and behold, it was! The engine started beautifully and responds exactly as it should to the accelerator and stops when pulling the stop knob - things I had been worrying a bit about. There's no telling how elated I feel now, and how grateful I am to your most kind and excellent service!

Thanks a million times!


Written by All Makes Diesel Specialist on 25. Sep, 2012

Sorted Craig, INFO on its way


Written by craig stewart on 23. Sep, 2012

Hello, purchased my sealkit for my lucas cav dpa mechanical pump fitted to my case david brown tractor as the throttle input shaft leaks, cannot seem to get diy info page to work for this pump, any help would be great,

Written by sean o' muineachan on 31. Aug, 2012

Hi john
pump seal worked a threat
me 88' vw t25 is alive again !!!!!
thanks for your help!

Written by All Makes Diesel Specialist on 30. Aug, 2012

Hi All Thanks for all your positive feedback, glad you like the site, this encourages me to know I am going in the right direction.

First few posts on here and half are from Australia.

As I have said before this is your site and once is this is completed I would like you all to use this as your first port of call when you have a Diesel problem.

If any of you are doing projects and would like to post a feature on here get in touch with me through the email link below.

Thanks again,
Kindest Regards

Written by denis o connor on 29. Aug, 2012

hi john, santa fe high pressure pump working perfectly since i recived the seals from you,instructions in packet made them real easy to install, and i'm no mechanic. cheers john and great site.

Written by Rex G on 25. Aug, 2012

Thanks John. Great service and friendly help.
Pic is Mum and Me on a tractor trek down-under Australia.
Tractor is a 1957 Chamberlain Champion 6G

I'm freezing!

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