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Written by Drew on 30. Jul, 2019

I have a Bosch ve pump from a vw t4 abl - the main pulley has been removed and so the timing has been lost. Now I want to set the lift and lock the shaft but this pump doesn’t have a locking bolt. Is there a specific tool to lock the shaft with? 0460494417 is the pump number

Written by Jason on 5. Mar, 2019

I'm looking for some help please.
I recently replaced the throttle shaft & bush on m bosch ve fuel pump fitted to my 1997 Land rover 300tdi engine.
However since the lever on the engine side of the pump has been a little stiff to return. This is the lever operated by a spring loaded rod from the throttle plate the throttle cable goes to. The lever sometimes returns ok but other times it causes the revs to stick & not return to idle. What have I done wrong please? Also what is this lever supposed to do? The vehicle is not on the road as yet as it is being restored & not quite finished. I have driven it around the yard & it seems to drive ok but the engine does seem to rev higher than it did but I have not adjusted the throttle max stop screw.

Written by chris beattie on 8. Apr, 2017

Hi, i have 1997 non turbo 4m40 with a denso pump. vehicle starts fine drives fine under low revs but rattles under high revs in every gear. I have removed injectors and cleaned them, no 2 and no4 had high carbon deposits.however the problem still remained. Could i replace nozzles or should i replace whole injector ?, or could it be something other than injector problem. the vehicle has 120000 miles on clock. many thanks mr beattie

Written by Allmakes Diesel Specialist on 28. Aug, 2014

Hi Sam,
No worries, email your printouts


Written by Sam on 28. Aug, 2014

i need your advice for my Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 Jtdm.
it do light white smoke when it idle, then i when i drive it over 90Km it smoke a lot of white smoke, then i have to pull over and stop the engine and wait 10 sec, wen i start the engine again it will back to light smoke.
all that happen when i change the turbo charger and 2 injectors.
i write the new injectors code to the ECM. but i can see the injector No 1 spray more fuel then others ! i can take photos of the values and send it to you.


Written by Allmakes Diesel Specialist on 26. Jul, 2014

Hi Jeff.
I get these types of messages every week. The truth is local dealerships no longer employ mechanical engineers. They are now full of master technicians. Give them a laptop and their sorted. However no fault codes and they suddenly become lost and very often farm out the job to an independant expert. Defective items such as your leaking pump is another difficult issue as they see it. Much easier to get one of their fitters! to simply replace the pump after all it's not them who are paying for it and think of all that lovely profit too!
Drop me a line if you need any further advice in resolving this problem


Written by Jeff Hardyman on 26. Jul, 2014

Hi John,
I appreciate your assistance with all of this. My vehicle is a 1994
Nissan Terrano and I am a retired technician for Jaguar, Aston Martin, Range
Rover. I was absolutely astounded when I took my vehicle to the local dealer to
be told ( after only having the vehicle for 2 x hours) that the following was

Totally remove the Injector Pump and send away to a diesel shop to rebuild (
price unknown)

6 x hours labour to remove pump ( the same to refit) $1700 ( each operation) to
remove and refit.

All of this despite me sending them an email link to a New Zealand forum where a
side cover plate and top cover plate seal were replaced correcting the leak (
without having to remove the pump off the vehicle). They also referred to the
low cost of the replacement seals.

When I returned to the dealer to collect my vehicle and quote I asked them why
they simply didn't say we don't want to do this job?

So I will be attempting the repair in situ as outlined in that forum!

Thank you again,
Jeff Hardyman

Written by Guy Jones on 14. Jun, 2014

Just to thanks again John for your advice and supplying the correct parts so quickly so I could get the CAV pump on my old BMC 1.5 boat engine running again in 3 days from contact with you to finished job.
The seal kit was perfect. Before fitting the seals, the pump was leaking more fuel than the engine burned, which in a boat makes a smelly mess.
On the button now:
Cheers, Guy

Written by Allmakes Diesel Specialist on 24. May, 2014

Hello again David.
Calibration is not difficult to do but unfortunately you need the test bench.
A typical price for this job in the UK is £75 - £100 ($125-$170) this is for a job that will take about 1-1.5 hrs. Not sure what your labour rates are in the states though.

Request a print out of the results before and after calibration at the four test point's. This should be free as part of the service.

Midload (NO BOOST)
Full load (FULL BOOST)
Start delivery

If their equipment is up to spec you should have no problem getting this information and will help to give you confidence in your pump.

Kind Regards

Written by David Haynes on 24. May, 2014

Hi John,
Thanks again for being so helpful and constantly going above and beyond the call of duty. I have taken your advice and only time will tell. I however want to ask if it is difficult to calibrate one of the same said pumps because I really have a difficult time trusting our "pump specialists" . I understand that it's a technical job but it couldn't hurt to ask.
Thanks again

Written by David Haynes on 13. Apr, 2014

I am having difficulty trouble shooting a leak. I have a 04 Mitsubishi L200 with a
NP-VE 4/10F2100RNP650 pump . I had the pump inspected but it is still leaking. The pump is leaking from a screw above the overflow restiction valve(return valve) . This screw is into the LDA {manifold compensator}.I have removed the screw and inspected it to realise that the center carries a mesh wire. On removing the wire I discovered a hole that is bored completely through the screw. I'm figuring that the LDA Chamber isn't supppse to have any fuel (by design) so it must be leaking from maybe the Govenor assembly (into the LDA) . What would you recommend I do becasue this leak has destroyed my starter and engine mount .

Written by Peter Kukla on 7. Jan, 2014

Hi John

Happy new Year......

Reference Mercedes E Class
Just to let you know finally sorted and running as sweet as a nut. To bring a smile to your face for New Year, after sorting out ALL the Seals and leaks in the fue system, we still had this horrible retard knock off idle. Its amazing sometimes how Women sometimes come to the rescue at the most opportune moments..... As my other half was holding the lead light while I was installing the Springs in the delivery valves, she brought to my attention the injector line for Cylinder 3 & 4 where reversed. Upon my spluttering " Rubbish can't be " I looked carefully and YES somehow I'd got the lines mounted in the wrong order..... The a moral to the story somewhere, but possibly you may like to add it to your information to help some other poor sod, I'm making no excuse for such a silly mistake BUT...... when you look carefully at the way the lines are routed on a 5 cylinder, its an easy mistake to make..

Many thanks for your patience again

Best regards

Peter Kukla
Managing Director

Written by tony on 5. Jan, 2014

Hi john i got your email and you say you can send me more links on the perkins 4108 injector pump.
Thanks tony.

Written by Jon Proffitt on 14. Dec, 2013

Hi John,
I trust you are well?
I have fitted the pump repair kit which I purchased from you and although I did put one manifold on at an angle causing a slight leak from it, after removing the pump again and correcting my mistake I am now leak free, I have to tell you that your help has been fantastic and saved me lots of money, Euro-car-parts wanted £294 exchange for the pump, Mercedes wanted close to £1,000.00 plus vat??? and with your help and a little help from the Mercedes site it cost me £20.00 and a little bit of work....
Thank you again and have a wonderful Christmas

Kindest regards

Jon Proffitt

Written by Allmakes Diesel Specialist on 27. Aug, 2013

Hi Jeff
Have you received your parts already, that was quick. Glad I was able to help, drop me a line anytime.

Thanks for the generous feedback Jeff

Kind Regards

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