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CAV DPA Diesel Injection Pump Throttle Shaft Kit.

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Price: 22.95 GBP

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Complete throttle repair kit for CAV D,P,A, Fuel pumps. This shaft fits 95% of DPA pumps, if you would like me to check, send me your pump number 324*F*** KIT SUPPLIED WITH FREE FITTING INSTRUCTIONS David Brown, Massey Ferguson, International, Land rover, Ford Tractor, Perkins, BMC, Bedford

Delivery: 1-2 business days

Latest comments

21.09 | 03:30

Hey there,

My name is Tyson Follack, I bought a denso 1kz-te injector pump re-seal kit from you and I was wondering if you had a rebuild schematic?

11.09 | 11:17

Please send instructions on how to change the throttle shaft and stop shaft seals on a CAV Hydraulic DPA Pump.

Thank you,

07.09 | 09:41

Would love a copy of VE distributor head seal replacement.
Thanks in advance
Cheers Billy

19.07 | 13:16

If deliveries are close it maybe OK after a period of running as the system is self learning
If the delivery volumes are wide = erratic and smoke.