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Written by Ian Petersen on 24. Aug, 2012
Great website John. Having read your DIY description, I now feel confident to rapair my leaky VE pump throttle shaft seal. I also have some older machinery with CAV DPA and Simms pumps, so I'm sure I'll be back here many times.

Written by Dan on 24. Aug, 2012
Thank you for supporting the DIY Diesel community with this site, John. Parts and data are indeed getting scarce, as well as the money to fix these diesels. Working on VW 1.6 diesels mostly. Very forgiving engines, they can really deliver when treated right. Data which could bring progress in this field, might be serial number breakdowns and pressures at various points in the systems (for VE systems). Sometimes we build pumps from auto jumbles and it would be nice to know which components to use for a particular application. Thanks again!!

Written by Jim on 22. Aug, 2012
Very nice site John,
Like many I'm attempting to keep a old Ford 2712E Dorset running in a thirty year old boat, a local injection pump specialist warned us that Simms pump gasket sets are getting hard to locate, managed to surprise him be providing three brand new sets when it came time to overhaul thanks to your ebay store John.

Written by Gordon Lambert on 21. Aug, 2012
Hi Jon,
Thanks for the link to your site, quite a lot of interesting stuff, I never new they made a diesel air plane, I remember reading they used to make diesel submarines somewhere. Your injector nozzles where just what my E300 needed. Have been running it on veggy oil guess the old ones must have gummed up. Will definately be back here. keep up the good work. Gordon


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21.09 | 03:30

Hey there,

My name is Tyson Follack, I bought a denso 1kz-te injector pump re-seal kit from you and I was wondering if you had a rebuild schematic?

11.09 | 11:17

Please send instructions on how to change the throttle shaft and stop shaft seals on a CAV Hydraulic DPA Pump.

Thank you,

07.09 | 09:41

Would love a copy of VE distributor head seal replacement.
Thanks in advance
Cheers Billy

19.07 | 13:16

If deliveries are close it maybe OK after a period of running as the system is self learning
If the delivery volumes are wide = erratic and smoke.